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          An industry leading company in developing and manufacturing Pipeline Crawlers, X-ray Units and Real-time Imaging Systems.
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          DTC-I X-ray Pipeline Crawler System consists of Crawler, X-ray Generator, Tracking System, Communication Devices, and Battery Pack. Optional dual tracking system (magnetic and video) is also available for enhanced accuracy and easy-operation. According to different applications, our Crawlers are suitable for pipelines with diameter of 219mm to 512mm or greater. The system is used for defects inspection and repair of natural gas pipelines, oil pipelines, urban water supply and drainage pipes, water pipes and other pressure pipelines.
          The system is suitable for welding joint inspection of long-distance pipeline and pressured pipeline, 360 degrees exposure greatly improves the inspection efficiency. When under optimum conditions, a maximum climbing angle of 40 ° can be achieved with double drive system. The system is in compliance with national standards.

          Technical Specifications:

          Crawler ModelDTC-I
          PipelinesThermal/Oil    and Gas Pipeline
          Pipe Diameter (mm)219    to 512
          X-ray Generator 2005    (200kv)
          Total Weight (kg)≤43
          Total Length (mm)1280
          Radiation SourceX-ray
          Drive ModeSingle/Dual
          Exposure (min)0-5
          Tracking SystemMagnetic    Tracking / Video Tracking
          Tracking Accuracy (mm)±5
          Battery TypeLead    Acid / Lithium Battery
          Battery Weight (kg)22
          StandardsGB/T9711.1-1997    / GB/T9711.2-1999 / GB/T 21237-2007
          CustomizabilityBoth    hardware and software are customizable


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