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          An industry leading company in developing and manufacturing Pipeline Crawlers, X-ray Units and Real-time Imaging Systems.
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          Mobile (Fixed) X-ray Inspection Unit is mainly used for online production and laboratory projects. The system utilizes ceramic X-ray tube, which is suitable for both real-time image inspection and film inspection. It has been widely used in national defence, aviation, aerospace, chemical, shipbuilding, automotive, pressure vessels, machinery manufacturing, plastics, refractories and other industries and materials testing.
          The system with Unipolar Tube consists of X-ray Tube, High Voltage Cable, High Voltage Generator, Controller, Cooling Device, Mobile Lift Rack, Low Voltage Cable and Water Pipe.

          Main Specification:

          ModelTube Voltage    (kV)Exposure    Dose (mA*min)Penetration    (mm)

          Note: penetration conditions are including Q235 Steel material, focal length 600mm, double-sided lead foil sensitization, Tianjin III film, blackness Level 2.0. All above specifications are in compliance with national standards of "GB/T 26837-2011 Fixed NDT Industry Standard".

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