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          An industry leading company in developing and manufacturing Pipeline Crawlers, X-ray Units and Real-time Imaging Systems.
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          Portable X-ray Unit (Directional Emission) consists of controller console, X-ray generator, connection cable, power cable. X-ray penetration capacity depends on the tube voltage, X-ray tube voltage is higher, the stronger the penetration ability. This equipment is commonly used in the fields of shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, transportation and construction. It is used to check the quality of materials from vessel body, pipeline, high pressure container, aircraft, vehicle and bridge; the system can also be used to check quality of varies processing parts which made of light metal, rubber or ceramics.

          Technical Specification:

          Model (Panoramic)160520052505300532053505
          Level TargetVoltage Range (kV)60-160100-200150-250170-300170-320210-350
          Penetration (mm)≥16≥27≥37≥45≥48≥50
          Power Input (kW)≥2.0≥2.5≥2.5≥3.0≥3.2≥3.5
          Beam Angle (°)(25+5)×360
          Cone TargetVoltage Range (kV)60-160100-200150-250170-300170-320210-350
          Penetration (mm)≥12≥24≥34≥40≥42≥45
          Power Input (kW)≥2.0≥2.5≥2.5≥3.0≥3.2≥3.5
          Beam Angle (°)(30+5)×360

          Note: Customer can select the material of the X-ray Tube (Glass or Ceramic) and the origin of the X-ray Tube (Domestic or Imported); penetration conditions are including Q235 Steel material, focal length 600mm, double-sided lead foil sensitization, Tianjin III film, blackness Level 2.0. All above specifications are in compliance with national standards of "GB/T 26838-2011 Portable NDT Industry Standard".


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