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          An industry leading company in developing and manufacturing Pipeline Crawlers, X-ray Units and Real-time Imaging Systems.
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          Developed by Dandong Flaw-Detection Instruments Factory in collaboration with UK and Iran R&D teams, DTX/WF325 is our next generation of constant frequency wireless integrated X-ray Unit. By utilizing HMI and connecting with PLC, Wireless Communication Module, DT Integrated Circuit and varies sensors, user can send operation commands and set parameters using the touch screen display on the controller,  operation status will then be shown on the display.
          With the new generation wireless X-ray Unit, it’s never been easier to determine whether the machine is able to work continuously; varies data detected from the integrated sensors will be sent to the central processor, and these data will be processed to determine whether the safety thresholds are met. For example, if the X-ray tube temperature becomes too high, the processor automatically locks the "high voltage" key to prevent overheating. Once the temperature drops down to the safe range, which user can check on the touch screen display, HV lock will then be lifted. Compares to the 1: 1 work-rest ratio setting in our previous X-ray Units, this greatly improves the work efficiency with our new smart-sensor technology.

          Technical Specifications:

          Voltage Output (kV)150-325
          Power Input (kW)>4
          Tube Current (mA)5
          Focus Spot (mm)3.0*3.0
          Emission Angle (°)40+5
          Generator Dimensions (mm)Φ340*800
          Generator Weight (kg)35
          Max. Penetration A3 (mm)≥55
          Controller Dimensions (mm)300*250*90
          Controller Weight (kg)6.5
          Working EnvironmentsTemp.    -25°~40°, Humidity ≤85%, Altitude ≤1000m
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